5 Questions with Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan, founder of the all natural haircare line.

Tell us your story and why you started your hair care line, Tabitha James Kraan. 

I was born into an “Organic” home, when organic just meant growing your own pesticide free vegetables and rearing livestock. As a young excited hair artist I fully immersed myself into training with the brightest talents of the time.

Tabitha James Kraan vegan, all-natural, and toxin free haircare. It was later whilst pregnant with my first child in back in 1999,  that I really became aware of the hugely negative impact that the chemicals I was using on my own hair and my client’s hair everyday was having on our bodies and the environment. My range became the bridge to deliver a beautiful hair experience, Purely, safely and with maximum performance in their own home.


Your products are all natural. Why was that important to you? 

Natural is about real for me, something grown without chemicals that has not been tampered with or had any fillers or plastics added to it.  There are many brands that
 use botanicals ingredients and or add natural ingredients and the consume thinks it is natural product.  We as a brand are about authenticity and honesty, we aim for 100% natural with every product and if that can be certified organic too then it is.  If we can’t get there we will tell you. All my organic and natural products will nourish and feed your hair, and won’t harm the planet.


What are your favourite ingredients to use in your hair care products and why? 

Tabitha James Kraan, co-founder of Tabitha James Kraan all-natural and vegan haircare. My favourite ingredient is safflower oil. It is a magic little ingredient that has powerful benefits. It is a rich source of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and moisturizer. Vitamin E known as alpha-tocopherol helps in keeping the scalp hydrated and the antioxidant property prevents the hair from getting attacked by free radicals which may appear as a result of internal stress or UV rays.


Can you tell us a quick daily hair tip using your products?  

Quit Over-Washing.

My best tip is to quit over-washing hair – over washing has a lot to answer for! Most hair products out there strip the scalp and lengths of all oil, even the good stuff; huge amounts of lather claims to equate to ‘clean hair’ and daily washing is the standard. For us though, none of this is true. My Organic Clean Shampoo will balance the scalp and hair which means after matching your original routine you will very quickly feel comfortable reducing how often you are washing your hair.


We LOVE your scented organic hair oil. Can you tell us your favourite things about it? 

This product transforms everyone's hair in one application! A bold statement I know but it will seal each strand putting back the acid mantle which acts as a protective layer to enable the hair to retain moisture for longer. Thus delivering smooth shiny hair that has natural life and lustre.

Tabitha James Kraan Organic hair oil