B Kind! Hopeful ways you can save the bees

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If you look at the natural ingredients in our products, such as Neroli, Rosehip and the UK made plant based line Myroo, it’s impossible for us not to see the importance of bees. Bees, in their fast moving yet adorably bumbling form have an integral part to play in our day to day life. They provide the food on our table, as one third of the nation’s food is pollination dependant, and just one colony provides pollination for 4000m squared of fruit trees. How about them apples?

Yet as important as they are, bees are currently suffering decreasing numbers, with two bee species recently going extinct. And since 2010 there has been a 45% decrease in Honeybees. This is due to pesticides habitat loss and pollution as the key causes. Toxic chemicals aren’t good for anyone. If this worrying trend continues, we could have food shortages, and the economy could take a hit, bees contribute almost £400 million to the UK economy.

 But there is hope! By getting your hands a little dirty, creating something beautiful and buying sustainably you can help save the bees. The easiest thing to do help re-build up the lost wildflower meadows- we’ve lost nearly 97% in the last few decades. You can do this by planting pesticide free wildflower seeds that you can sign up for free from 38 degrees. This will provide a healthy environment for local bees, and help to rebuild their habitats as well as giving them a tasty not toxic food source. New evidence shows that planting bee-friendly flowers in our gardens could be key to saving our bees! And even letting them thrive



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