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Hero Ingredient: Rose

Hero Ingredient: Rose

Roses are a symbol of romance, and their scent has been beloved by people for centuries, smelling of roses has long been synonymous with smell GOOD. But it's got more going for it than a pretty scent, often making it perfect for hydrating and toning skincare rituals. It's anti-bactericidal nature also making it optimum as a natural ingredient for hair care and skincare- 

Antibacterial -  Rose naturally combats bacteria, which makes it an excellent equaliser. Cleansing and disinfecting, those susceptible to blemishes and breakouts should look for rose-based cleansers - to soothe redness and help prevent spots. sister and Co's True Cleanse oil contains Rose Otto, a steam distilled rose essential oi that melts way makeup and gently disinfects. This is also useful for the TJK dry shampoo, and the TJK Amber Rose shampoo and conditioner, which uses rose as a natural anti-bacterial and for scent. 

Anti-inflammatory and Moisturising-  Rose is renowned for its skin-soothing properties; it's phenomenally calming and a common ingredient in redness, rosacea and eczema treatments. It's unsurprising therefore that our own line, PURE Skincare has a Rose and Frankincense oil, to be used once a day to create smooth, soft skin. Rose also retains moisture - It's conditioning and soothing, bringing instant relief to dry and dehydrated skin types. 

Antioxidant -  Brimming with vitamin C, rose can help fight the good fight against ageing free radicals - Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues in a process called "oxidative stress"

Aromatherapeutic - The warming signature scent of rose is adored for its ability to soothe stresses, promote positivity. the award winning TJK 'Youth Dew' hair Oil is delieberatly scented with oil for this reason