Hero Ingredient: Rosehip

Hero Ingredient: Rosehip

When I first heard of Rosehip, I thought it was probably made of floral extracts or something similar, but you'll find it is actually juicy seed pods which grow on only two types of wild rose (Rosa Canina). The pressed oil from the red pods produces a bright orange colour, and is a fave in natural beauty products. It's been used traditionally in Chile for generations for remedies against colds, and Spanish conquistadors as a natural barrier against intruders, and even up to a few decades ago it was considered a “bramble”. But the use of Rosehip by celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and gossip that it's Kate Middleton's favourite skin care product has given it a wider audience, and it could even replace 'gasp' coconut oil in part of your skin care routine. 


Rosehip is is rich in fatty acids, abundant fatty     acid is linoleic acid (35.9–54.8%) also known as omega 6, followed by α-linolenic acid (16.6–26.5%) also known as omega 3, and acts as an active moisturiser, in particular for those who have eczema, neurodermatitis, and cheiliti Rosehip is a promising skin care ingredient. Thats's why Myroo use it in many of their products, as their collection was made for sensitive skin in mind. 


Oilixia's Explorer Oil (£43) contains Rosehip oil sourced naturally from Chile


Anti-Inflammatories are also present, such as vitamins A and C, which help to fade blemishes and scars, especially for those who have had acne, making it a natural way to combat acne scars.The complimentary astringent properties in Rosehip also tighten your pores, and Rosehip is good for city dwellers in particular, as it contains rich anti-toxicants to combat the damage caused by pollutants such as car fumes, UV rays and blue rays. 


Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Barrier Repair Effects of Topical Application of Some Plant Oils, January 2018

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Oilixia: Amazonian Cacay Facial Oil                                 Sister & Co: Facial Oil

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Myroo: Rosehip Body Oil