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PURE Beauty Zone: The marketplace for natural beauty products

PURE Beauty Zone: The marketplace for natural beauty products


PURE Beauty Zone is the marketplace for natural beauty products.


Becky Woodhouse opened PURE Spa and Beauty in 2002 as she noticed there was a gap in the market for an urban day spa. She envisioned a place where people could go to in-between meetings or during breaks for a beauty or spa treatment. 

Fast forward 16 years and PURE Spa and Beauty is in 8 locations throughout the UK, and growing fast. Having been in the beauty and spa industry for going on two decades, PURE has seen many trends come and go. One particular trend that now has built a presence in our every day lives is the desire to have access to natural beauty products. 

Raquel Wing founder of The Clean Hub and Becky Woodhouse, founder of PURE Spa & Beauty As such, PURE is now introducing PURE Beauty Zone - the market place for natural beauty products. To ensure that our products are truly clean and natural as well as create a supportive environment for the natural beauty industry, we have proudly teamed up with The Clean Hub, the largest clean beauty founder network and business resource hub. We are working together to make sure that you can buy natural beauty products with confidence again. 

At PURE Beauty Zone we believe in providing options to our consumers to fit their tastes, needs, and budget. For that reason we are excited to introduce you to some really fabulous, affordable, and needed natural and clean beauty products. Come into any of our locations to try them out or talk to one of our staff with any natural beauty questions that you may have. 

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