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5 FAQs about clean beauty

5 FAQs about clean beauty



We opened PURE Beauty Zone because we wanted people to have a comfortable and honest place to try natural beauty products. We felt like it was important for us to lead in this space as there is quite A LOT of misinformation and greenwashing going on in the beauty industry. So we want to help clear that up with some of our 5 most asked questions!

What is greenwashing?  

When companies lie about being a natural company. 

In a nutshell, greenwashing is when a company insinuates through marketing that its products are natural, when in fact they are not. 

Often, a brand will have 1 natural ingredient out of 30 and use the label "green" or sometimes even "natural" or "organic" on the label. They may even take it a step further by adding a nice leaf or plant to their packaging, making you believe that the products are natural. This is greenwashing and is a way to trick the customer into thinking they are buying something natural. 

All of PURE Beauty Zone's products are carefully tested and researched before they ever reach your hand. You can trust that if we are offering it to you, they are truly natural and clean. So you can feel safe in knowing that you are buying truly clean beauty products with us!

What is clean beauty? 

Beauty products free from known toxins, carcinogens or animal testing (to name a few)!

Clean beauty is the new word for natural or green beauty and it essentially means  that there are no known toxins, carcinogens, or animal testing done on products. It is a word that surfaced on the beauty scene a few years ago to replace the word "natural" or "green". 

What is the difference between clean, natural and green when referring to beauty products? 

There should not be any, but it matters who you ask and how strong they hold true to natural beauty. 

We prefer to use the words "clean" and "natural" because people have abused the words "green" for decades now. It all leads back to greenwashing (we know - broken record). 

You see, for decades (yes decades) people have called themselves green (and even in some cases natural) when they have just one ingredient out of many that are natural.  

Now, clean has been introduced within the beauty space to override the words green and even natural.  

At PURE Beauty Zone, we pride in having clean beauty products. If you prefer to call them natural or green, that's okay too!. 

What does clean mean to PURE? 

No known toxins, carcinogens or animal testing done its products.

We have very stringent guidelines that we follow on what we allow into the products that we introduce to you. Check out what products we don't allow HERE

Does vegan mean clean? 


In beauty products, vegan means that there are no animal products in the ingredients or animal testing done. However, it does not mean that the products are clean or natural. In fact, often times companies market themselves as vegan, and hope the consumer doesn't understand that the ingredients are still toxic. 

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