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Why pregnancy is the perfect time to ditch toxins

Why pregnancy is the perfect time to ditch toxins

When pregnant, a woman life can change in a variety of ways, and the responsibility of another life inside you makes you acutely more aware of the toxins which you absorb or consume on a daily basis are not good for either you, or baby. For instance, many mainstream nail polishes contain toluene, a suspected carcinogen, along with phthalates and formaldehyde. They are known as the "big three" and they form a combination of toxins that you want to avoid, especially during pregnancy. If you still want that buff and shine, there are high quality alternatives however.  

Now, the purpose if this blog is not to scare people, but to help educate to curious minds. And the deal is the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, a popular surfactant found in shampoos, has been linked to birth defects in animal studies. (Note that sodium _laureth _sulfate, which sounds similar, is actually proven safe for use.) Other ingredients to watch out for in haircare products include parabens; rosemary; synthetic fragrances, which may contain phthalates; and a preservative called methylisothiazolinone (MIT). Phthalates may alter hormone levels, and in scientific studies, MIT inhibited the growth of rats’ nerve cells. Since scientist don't test on a human fetus really isn’t known. But it was enough to concern hair stylist Tabitha James Kraan, founder of and namesake of her organic and natural hair line

"In 1999, whilst pregnant with my first child, I had a lightbulb moment. Following a conversation with my midwife I was enlightened to the fact that what I was putting onto my body, in the form of chemical based hair dyes would be passed on to my unborn child. Up to 60% of skin products are absorbed directly into the body, therefore up to 60% of all the chemicals I was dying my hair with would be passed on. If this was what I was exposing my body, and my child to, undoubtedly it was also putting my clients at risk."

For many women, during pregnancy they   have an intense sensitivity to smell, so the range by Myroo, which is the first fully free from range in the UK (no nuts, parabens, gluten or dairy) and comes in  a fragrance free version of every product, which is free from all 26 cosmetic allergens.