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Why you should think twice about walnut scrubs

Why you should think twice about walnut scrubs

For many, the first exfoliator that they fell in love with was St.Ives. It had creamy packaging, a grown up apricot feel, and they scrub left you skin feeling shiny and new. But St Ives's came under fire recently when it revealed that it's walnut shells the natural feeling exfoliator, was actually causing micro-abrasions on the skin with it's jagged micro edges. Essentially, the walnut shells are so harsh that they scrape at the skin, which after prolonged usage worsened both the condition of peoples skin, but also damaged it permanently through ageing and sun damage. The walnut powder makes tiny holes in your skin when you scrub it on your face and these lead to irritation and infection.


It was a surprise for many when Kylie Jenner announced she was having a skin care line, titled 'Kylie Skin', and the first product of the range was an exfoliating scrub made of walnut shells. It also looked like a sausage?

Lots of experts were also weighing in, this one even having some photos on hand of what micro abrasions did!

So what are the alternatives? Well, quite a few. As skin care nerds will know, we've started to move away from abrasive exfolitors, realising that the best way to exfoliate maybe isn't to just scrub at the skin, but find ways to deeply cleanse it. This is why here at PURE we're really into using oil based cleansers, which I've written before about here. Basically they replace the dirty oils, which fresh oils which work with the natural PH of your skin to keep your skin hydrated. It's a much kinder process than simply scrubbing at your skin. Two which we would recommend is PURE Clean and Go (£23), and Sister & Co Facial C Oil (£30)

But, lets say, you don't like oil, or scrubbing, but you still want to get the grime out of your pores, well, let me introduce you to Oilixia's Gummy Cleanser (£23). It’s not really a balm. Nor a cream. It’s definitely not an oil. It’s sort of sticky … kind of tacky … but more gummy.The beauty of  gummy texture is that it helps to lift off makeup and daily grime through its stickiness. When the texture becomes tacky, you can also press and lift your fingers against the skin to give a good massage and stimulate circulation. This product can also be used as a gentle exfoliator due to the phenolic acid found in the  Kakadu Plum Extract.