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PURE Beauty Zone - Eden's Theory - clean and all natural candles

Eden's Theory

Eden's Theory is a local Edinburgh beauty brand that whole-heartedly believes that beauty products can be made without harmful ingredients. They take special care in their packaging, including sleek black boxes with every candle order. 
Welcome to the garden of skin, where luxury is king, craftsmanship is key and good ethics are the norm. 
PURE Beauty Zone - eyeSlices - all natural eye pads


The average consumer has undoubtedly tried all sorts of eye cremes and patches that the market has to offer and may well have been disappointed with the lack of results. That’s certainly how Kerryne felt, founder of eyeSlices. Kerryne began the long journey of developing an eye care product that actually works which has resulted in the use of an exciting and unique new method of delivering ingredients into the skin.

After facing many trails and tribulations over the 10 years spent developing eyeSlices, Kerryne even became a scientist herself, enabling her to experiment with the new technology first hand. She swears by her daily use of eyeSlices, thanking them for her lack of puffiness and wrinkles. Their philosophy is of integrity, quality and social responsibility, which we couldn't agree with more!