Clean Beauty Starter Kit

Clean Beauty Starter Kit

  • £98.62

Are you looking for an affordable and fun way to transition your (or a loved one's) personal care routine to all-natural beauty products? 

We have you covered with our clean beauty starter kit. It is filled with 6 full size all natural and vegan beauty products for your face, hair, eyes, and more! The box is valued at over £150 and we are offering it to you for under £99 - so there is over £50 in savings!

To get started, just purchase the box online and we will have our team contact you to choose from all of the 6 options below. 

What's included: 

eyeSlices eye treatment pads 


Myroo Facial Cleanser + Cloth (with fragrance) OR

Myroo Facial Cleanser + Cloth (fragrance free)


Tabitha James Kraan Clean Shampoo (Amber Rose) OR

Tabitha James Kraan Clean Shampoo (Golden Citrus)


Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo (Fair Hair) OR

Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo (Dark Hair)


Myroo lip balm (Fragrance Free) OR

Myroo lip balm (Spearmint)


PURE Regulate and Clear Face Oil OR

PURE Hydrate and Renew Face oil  

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